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Reinforcement Project of Hongliu River Bridge in Jingwang Section of Qingyin Expressway in Shaanxi
2020-07-28 14:46:23

       Hongliu River Bridge is a bridge on the Jing (Bian) Wang (circle beam) section of Qingyin Expressway. The center pile number is K1278+119, the bridge span is (10x30) m, the bridge length is 306.67 m, and the superstructure type is fabricated Prestressed concrete continuous box girder. It was completed and opened to traffic in December 2004. In this project, a pre-stressed carbon fiber board reinforcement plan is used to repair and strengthen the bridge problems. The tensile control stress of C100-1.4 prestressed carbon fiber board is 1200MPa, that is, the tensile force is 168KN, a total of 24 sets.

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