About us

Zhixing Science & Technogy Nantong Co. LTD. is a high-tech enterprise led by Academician Ou Jinping of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, dedicated to systematically solving engineering structural safety and disaster prevention and mitigation problems, including structural health monitoring (inspection), structural vibration reduction (seismic) control, and Intelligent structural reinforcement, providing users with professional technical consultation and program design, software and hardware product development and manufacturing, system integration and engineering services.

Relying on the scientific research platform of the academician team, the company focuses on innovative applications of engineering technology, independently developed optical fiber sensors and demodulators, data management, analysis and safety assessment software, passive, active and semi-active damping dampers, self-sensing fiber composite parts and other industries Leading series of products and integrated systems have been successfully applied in many major domestic projects and have been recognized by all parties

The company's related units include Zhixing FRP Reinforcement Nantong Co.,Ltd, Zhiju Prefabricated Green Building Innovation Center Nantong Co., Ltd., and Nantong Prefabricated Building and Intelligent Structure Research Institute.